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3D Ontwerper / Vormgever

Referentie: 0700

- I am dedicated to the work on correlations of 3d modeling, and real-world simulations, and seek out commercially and technically viable ways to form closer working methods /aesthetics/ and production planning which deal with both areas simultaneously, also I enjoy art in all forms and love being a part of the creative process.
-I worked for several years in different countries with people differ by their culture and societies, which have given me a good and a huge experience in both work level, starting from working with ideas to the final reports of projects, and in a personal level to be more open mind and flexible.
-I have Skilled in Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Experience with sketchup, Adobe Aftereffects, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office.


Concept Art and 3D Modeler in Kinetic Creative office. Netherlands
Worked as a trainee with Pillow's Willow office. Lasted six months. Netherlands
3D Modeling castles and matt painting for (Khyber TV series). Egypt.
3D Modeling character and texturing in Autodesk Maya & mudbox.
OX Animation office. Syria.
Design website for Syria-IT \ Onyxar group \ Onyxar JLT Dubai, companies and for Ministry of transport and technology in Syria.


Creatief, Gemotiveerd, Nauwkeurig, Oog voor detail, Technisch inzicht


1- A Poster Exhibition under the title "American democracy" at the auditorium of faculty of arts fine in Damascus University 2007.

2- A short film heading of "Memory" was made using Motional Graphic method presented to Al -Jazeera documentary channel 2008. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoZ1PrV8SoA

3- A set of posters with LOGO designing to Palestinian cultural center about the Palestinian heritage -2009.

4- Design website for Syria-IT \ Onyxar group \ Onyxar JLT Dubai ,companies and for ministry of transportation and technology in Syria -2009 -2010.


Fulltime (36/40 uur)

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